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Immerse yourself in the magical world of cava in this unique journey. We invite you to know everything about the fascinating history of the most famous cava brand in Spain: the Freixenet cavas.

Cava is a special type of sparkling wine, which in Spain is mainly produced in the northeastern region of Catalonia. This tour is ideal if you are a wine lover or if you just want to try one of the best drinks in the country. Join us and discover all the secrets of this wonderful drink. The tour begins with an entertaining audiovisual presentation that will explain the history of the famous family business. We will continue with the visit of the impressive winery built in 1922. By breathing the cold and humid air you can almost feel the passage of the many years that this ancient Winery has lived.

During the tour, a charming and eloquent guide of the house will give you a full and complete explanation on the process of making the cava. It will also provide you with many useful tips and tricks to get the most out of the subsequent cava tasting. Get on board a small train that will take you through the 20 kilometers of underground cellars.

The visit ends in the tasting room, where you can taste several samples of Freixenet cava. Then you can buy a variety of items related to the world of wine and champagne in the Dolores Ferrer store.