Cambrils is a municipality located in the northeast of Spain, in Catalonia. It belongs to the province of Tarragona, and the Baix Camp. It is the fifth largest city in the province.


The Villa of Cambrils, anchored in the center of the Costa Dorada, surrounded by the mountains of Llaberia, Argentera and Mussara gentle slopes that lead to the sea, is the second population Baix Camp. In Cambrils you can visit places like the Parc Sama, the fishing port, the promenade, the port´s tower, its beaches of fine white sand, the old town, the lighthouse, the church of Santa Maria, the Torre de la Ermita or the Nautical station.

Parc dels pescadors:

It was the first park of Cambrils and was made in memory of fishermen. It is located near the port and beach front. It is a park of about 5,000 m2. The park is a mixed park, Mediterranean park in the south and tropical in the central area. The park has three play areas for children and a stage from where many musical and festive activities are performed with changing rooms and a bar. The most intimate area of ​​the park is a pond surrounded by eucalyptus trees.

Parc Samá:

The Samà Park is a historic garden declared of National Interest and private garden botanical of 14 hectares, located in the Baix Camp, between the towns of Cambrils and Montbrió de Tarragona at 90 m above sea level and 5 km from the Mediterranean coast.

Port Tower:

Watchtower  since the seventeenth century which served to defend against pirate attacks. It is located opposite the harbor, is part of the coastline known Cambrils. Nowadays it is used as temporary exhibition hall especially related to maritime heritage.

Plaza de España:

The Spain Square is located in the old town of Cambrils. This square is the old town hall and center of all festivities of the population. Being a very bright place, the colors of the buildings and the freshness of the flowers, make this place one of the most pleasant to travel when we walk through the historic center. Here they are continuing on various festive events like the medieval market meetings "gegants" Christmas concerts, etc ...

Vilafortuny Castle:

The castle of vilafortuny dates from the late eleventh century, tower remained intact since that time, over the centuries would have been attaching buildings facing east and south. Its total area is 1,665 m2, in their restorations has always followed the architectural style of the original building, respecting its technical and morphological characteristics. The oldest document cites Castle Vilafortuny appears in the file of the Crown of Aragon (year MCLXII) where Ramón Berenguer IV gave this property Vilafortuny Guillen. The castle has changed ownership over the years and until about 1960 belonged to the Marquis horn. This beautiful building located between Salou and Cambrils five minutes from the center of both populations, has seen around Vilafortuny urbanization, one of the most attractive resorts of the Costa Dorada.

Pla de les Serenes monument:

The monument 'In the Pla de les Serenes' is located on the seafront in Cambrils, at the height of the Royal stairs Cambrils port. This sculptural group, which consists of six elements, commemorates its centenary victims of 1911, known as the "Year of Misfortunes" since over 1911 killed many fishermen of Catalan and Valencian coast, several of them of Cambrils . Just over a century, the night of January 31 to February 1, 1911, a series of weather conditions that turned what began with a gentle sunset on a hellish night occurred. That night the perfect storm on the Mediterranean coast was triggered, from Barcelona to Valencia, with a tragic outcome of 140 fishermen and sailors dead, spat on the beaches at dawn. The main parts of the monumental group located in the port of Cambrils represent sirens, the Dolça i la Calma, observed by a young fisherman, Adrià, who represent the future and hope. The play, which opened in April 2011, is made of metal, ceramic and stoneware and is the work of artist David Callau cambrilense.

Cambrils´Maritim and fishing port:

The fishing port of Cambrils worth a visit. In the evenings, 16h and 17h between the fishermen unload their catch back and sell it there in the market of Cambrils. Traders and representatives of local restaurants await them and buy fresh merchandise. During the months of May and June have to give up that experience because it is not allowed to fish. However, stroll along the pier Cambrils always worth.

Torre de la Ermita:

The Torre de la Ermita is a defense tower of medieval origin that can be visited until his coronation after climbing more than 80 stairs. The view from the top Cambrils, is highly recommended. Inside you can visit all year round permanent exhibition "A place called Cambrils" plus several temporary exhibitions organized by the Center for Studies cambrilenses. The building is listed National Cultural Interest.