Miami Playa

What to see and where to go in Miami Beach?

Ermita Mare de Deu de la Roca:

The hermitages of the Virgin of the Rock and Sant Ramon de Penyafort are ingeniously integrated into the red rock mountain, the most characteristic of Mont-roig that names the village enclave. Roca Mountain is rich in nature, landscape, faith, history, tradition and legend. The current sanctuary was built on the remains of a medieval castle located in the same place where the chapel, nowadays you can admire some of his remains are. They have also been documented prehistoric remains of the first settlers, where the pre-Christian worship of the Egyptian goddess Isis has been archaeologically certificate from a fragment of Roman tombstone. The hermitage of the Virgin of the Rock is one of the main centers of Marian devotion in the region, it has also been a source of inspiration for several artists, which include the great painter Joan Miró. The feast of the Mother of God is celebrated on September 8, and the image venerated was sculpted by local artist Francesc Javaloy in 1980.

Esglèsia Vella:

The parish church of Mont-roig was built after the reconquest, the late twelfth century, that is why it is no coincidence that it is dedicated to San Miguel Archangel, documented in the Archbishopric of Tarragona in 1091 cult. The church has experienced many vicissitudes, including various extensions and the incidence of wars: still some of the inhabitants of Mont-roig older remember all the altars burned in 1936. Later the building became parish hall and Cultural center.


It is a publicly owned civil works designed to washrooms, documented the eighteenth century. They are located outside the perimeter of the old medieval wall. Its waters come from the mine l'Horta and have witnessed a thousand and one everyday stories.

Dry stone huts:

Throughout history and around the world, where there has been stone has been exploited in the best way possible, either as a tool or as raw material for various constructions. In the town there are more than a hundred dry-stone huts cataloged, these constructions made by the specialized farmers have a good state of preservation, and a remarkable diversity of styles and shapes. For the dry-stone huts, there is an easy path to follow that will allow you to enjoy the scenery and eleven barracks merit, and we admire and know important buildings such as castles and churches, but there are these modest barracks he has built a humble man to make more bearable the hard work on the land.

Without a doubt, what people of Miami Platja can be very proud of is of their  beautiful beaches.

One of the main attractions of the town are its 12 km of coastline. Quiet beaches and coves allow you to discover a world of contrasts, textures and sensations through the fine golden sand lapped by the warm clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The municipality has a total of 4 beaches and 9 coves that allow you to enjoy an unforgettable family holiday. Enjoy beaches like Pixerota, the Porquerola, the Llarga or relax among its many coves, including dels Vienesos, Cala de les Sirenes, Solitari Cala, Cala Misteri, Cala Santa Fe among others ... If you want a quiet and without much influx of tourism vacation, Miami Beach is the ideal place to enjoy a beautiful and relaxing days off.