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Evasion, space, splendor, luminosity, calm, serenity ... are words that define the environment of Aquum, space designed for relaxation and well-being.

Relax in a 4000m² facility where you can enjoy a new way of understanding well-being and rest in an environment of constant harmony and tranquility. Benefit from a marine environment and feel rejuvenated. Aquum is divided into 2 zones.

The Aquum Spa allows you to discover the pleasure of immersing yourself in a water environment that invites calm. 650 m² of water between all pools with more than 100 seats and 50 sensations in the water between which you will find air beds, air and water beds, wraparound beds, cervical projectors, waterfalls, water curtains, underwater jets, Banks of air, banks with jets, jacuzzi and hydrodynamic river.

This area has a 32 piscina pool, 36 piscina pool, 30 interior indoor-outdoor pool, outdoor whirlpool and children's pool (children from 5 years old) with sauna, steam bath, ice fountain, special showers and heating benches.

The Aquum Spa & Club has a privileged environment that invites you to relax with great delicacy. You will enjoy wraparound beds, special and effect showers, whirlpools at 36⁰, hot pool 42⁰ and cold 18⁰ (contrast pool) and a thermal area (sauna, steam bath, ice fountain). Zen zone with tea area, relax area with infrared, multi-sensory room (heating stretchers, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, music therapy).

Such a pleasure for the senses.