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Disconnect from the beach for a day and immerse yourself in a refreshing experience inside the PortAventura water park.       You can practice rafting, try your bravado on the vertiginous slides or relax on a sun lounger.

It defies the furious current of El Río Loco de PortAventura and it shows who is the bravest pirate of all the Caribbean Sea. Dare to challenge the PortAventura barracudas or climb to the towering tower The Mambo and Limbo of the Acuatic Park of PortAventura, in the most incredible aquatic experience you'll ever forget in a magical Caribbean environment. All this and much more in a dreamlike setting among palm trees, shacks and relaxing reggae music.

The fantastic bars, restaurants and exotic vegetation will transport you to this island in the center of the tropics. If you come on holidays with children, we have prepared a children's play area set in the Caribbean that offers incalculable fun.

The opening hours are from 10.30am to 5pm, 6pm or 7pm, depending on the date. Some attractions have height restrictions. Lockers, mattresses, deckchairs, floats and towels can be rented. Do not forget your bathing suit, sunscreen and towel!