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Iberplaya offers some reasons why you can trust your home to us.  

  • Experience Holiday Rental.

We are a company with years of experience in the field of holiday home rental and in Iberplaya we believe that with good organization and professionalism in all aspects, the experiences become so optimal that the results are the ones we always want.

  • Personalized information for each owner.

Each unit has its own characteristics. Therefore, it is important to try as many details as necessary with the owner. Any questions or need you have, in Iberplaya we are willing to help and explain everything you need to know about maintenance and / or use of tourist apartments.    

  • Exclusive service management of your home.

Both during the guest's stay and on departure, Iberplaya organizes the management and care of the accommodation, so your home is in optimal conditions of rental. To do this, we have different departments dealing with everything necessary about it.

The services that we deal with are: 

  • Preparation of your home at the start of the season.
  • Reservations and customer service (check-in)
  • Outputs and apartments reviews (check-out)
  • Final inspection and cleaning of your home (End of season)

And all this so that you will not have to worry about anything.   

  • Selection of reservation requests.

Because each customer / guest is different, Iberplaya offers guests accommodation that best fit your needs.

Through our website, customers can see in a simple way all the details of your home: photos, description of accommodation, location map and calendar updated at all times.    

  • Job well done and confidence value.

Our goal is that both owners and guests remain happy with our work. To do this, we do things with dedication that is need at all times. The results are satisfied customers and carefree owners with our management. The experience supports us and every year the results are demonstrated.    

  • Contributors.

Iberplaya collaborates with the Association of Tourist Apartments Costa Dorada (regulated by the Generalitat de Catalunya), with the patronato of the Costa Daurada and many other partners who trust us.    

  • Direct contact with the owner.

Through our website, you will see the page of your home where you will find all the information, as well as a calendar of availability or occupancy of it. In the event that any unforeseen arises, we contact with you as soon as possible to try to solve it in the most appropriate manner. This way you will be Informed of everything related to your home.    

  • Exclusiveness.

We work exclusively for you, this prevents that, because management among various agencies, overbooking problems exist in the reserves. Thus, management and organized through our reservations manager, Iberplaya ensures that its customers have at all times the confirmed reservation.    

  • Qualities of homes for tourist use.

All accommodation must meet certain requirements to have the best occupation, and therefore greater profitability of your home. These should be: Quality: The homes must have adequate quality for customers to feel at ease on holiday. Comfort: The apartments must have a minimum of comfort for a stay as pleasant as possible. Aesthetics: Furniture in conditions, correct, kitchen and sanitary painting in good condition ... etc. With a good level of all of them, we get a higher degree of satisfaction of our guests porte and thus to offer excellent service. If these characteristics are met, new customers repeated year after year.    

  • Flexibility in choosing season.

Iberplaya proposes that the owners can rent their home for the period they wishes, always bearing in mind that the more rental period lengthens, the more benefit you will get during the season. Likewise, you can reserve the week you want to enjoy your vacation.

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